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Pets4Pets project

Advertising thought by kids
to get adults thinking.


The Pets for Pets Project taught little kids the secrets of the advertising industry; inviting them to imagine new social campaigns to help protect the animals they love the most. WWF, together with a team of creatives, photographers, illustrators, film directors, animators, post-producers and speakers helped students at an elementary school experience the whole creative process: from the brief, to the Pre Production Meeting, to the shooting, to going on-air.

The result? Well see for yourself in the case video.



The adventure starts in the classroom, then moves inside the creative agency and finally arrives on a production set. For all the experienced creatives there’s just one strict rule: “never ‘contaminate’ the kids’ ideas”, just offer them the production advice they lack.

First Challenge: a print campaign.

Second Challenge: a TV commercial.

Third Challenge: Radio announcement.

The results

The kids’ best proposals were realized from start to finish with a team of professionals, making sure that young creatives participated in every single stage of the process, including the Pre-production Meeting, the recording of the Radio Announcements and the shooting of the TV commercials.

If you look at the kids’ original sketches and then to the final executions, one thing is immediately evident: the kids’ work is already 100% creatively effective.

The team of professionals just helped them “translate” their ideas into a language that adults can understand.

Now, let’s go on-air!


From the first sketch on a piece of paper, to 2 TV commercials, 4 radio
announcements and 8 print campaigns,ready to go on-air.